twister-core 0.9.30: random listening port

New twister-core 0.9.30 has just been tagged on github:

The most noticeable change from 0.9.29 is that we now listen to a random port number on initialization. So users who want to preserve the old behavior must now add the parameter “-port=28333” to their command line or edit ~/.twister/twister.conf (in config file don’t use “-” before keyword, just “port=28333“)

If you had to manually configure your firewall to allow twister port to receive external connections, you should use the “-port=” parameter as well. But don’t worry, twisterd will remember the parameter you’ve used last time and keep using this same port from now on…

The idea is that lazy firewallers will have a hard time blocking twister now. No more easy “just block port 28333 and we are done”. They now need real content detection. So here is twister’s contribution to fight the crisis and generate programmers’ jobs all around the globe ;-)

The current twister-core also defines Content-Security-Policy to twister-html to prevent Javascript injections. This is an important security fix for the html client.

Besides, I’d love to announce that with twister-core 0.9.30 we now have Private Group Chats and Favorites… However the user interface is not complete for those, so this is just a “half annoucement”…


PS to twister-seeders owners: we now have a newer twister seeder as well, supporting the reporting of non-standard ports., and have already been updated. See

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One comment on “twister-core 0.9.30: random listening port
  1. Anonymous says:

    Good job.

    Appreciated for this step.
    Now they are harder to prevent people from getting freedom of speech.

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