VirtualBox/gitian image to compile native windows twister client

A pre-configured VirtualBox Gitian image based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x86_64 + gitian + twister sources is now available for download (3.2 GB file):

ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download from Mega)

ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download from My Air Bridge)

ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download from Dropbox)

ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download from Google Drive)

The md5sum of the file is:

48f62fce1ba105cdcd172b8de6a2466a ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova

The Ubuntu desktop contains a simple README text file with very basic gitian instructions on building both 32 and 64-bits native Windows executables (using mingw, not cygwin).

One just have to boot the VirtualBox and execute a couple of commands to create an updated twisterd.exe from twister-core github repository.

For more information on the building process refer to Gitian documentation.

For instructions on configuring Gitian on an existing Ubuntu check this: Build native Windows client using Gitian

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