Updated twister-core fix timeline+DM synchronization issue

New twister-core 0.9.12 is available for download from github repository, win32 bundle and android apk. (you may check the version from network page)

The most notably bugfixes are:

- Check pieces before sending to other peers in swarm #15

This is a long outstanding bug which cause some users to not synchronize their torrent swarms properly. Because torrent swarms is used to update the timeline and to process Direct Messages, a lot of messages were noticed to be missing.

- Stack smashing issues and intermittent openssl errors

Possible Stack smashing in dhtTargetHash #27

stack smashing detected (because of stack protector) #105

core dumped when block chain is finaly updated #97

openssl’s thread id callback is needed for stable operation.

We are not sure if the fix #15 solves all torrent sync issues. There might still be other corner cases to be fixed (Not all posts appear on Postboard #82).

On the other news, soon we will have a new, better and revisited website and wiki pages. Thanks to the new editor @jpfox for taking the job! :-)

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