twister now building for Windows

Here is what a lot of people have been asking for: twister for Windows!

Download Page

A bundle of twister for win32 + twister-html is provided as example, but it is still highly recommended that you compile your own executable.

By creating your own executable you can easily update to the newest version, without depending on anybody to do another bundle for you. If you are concerned about security, give it a try and help improving the compilation instructions.

Note: windows users are reporting problems to bootstrap the network (no connections). Try to manually add peer from one of the following seeder (try both “add peer” and “add dns”)

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One comment on “twister now building for Windows
  1. Valdir says:

    I tried to compile it by following these instructions:

    But did not work! :(

    A good soul with a bit of free time could improve that page with more detailed instructions?

    Noobs will be grateful!

    Thank you.

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