twister-core update: more connections and persisted mentions

Another twister-core update is available today in github. User’s are suggested to update (git pull) to improve twister network in two aspects:

- More connections: a change introduced earlier this year unexpectedly limited the number of twisterd connections to a maximum of 23. The downside is that it was difficult for new users to enter the network, as most of the other clients were already at their maximum.

- Persisted mentions: the posts including mention to @somebody were not previously refreshed in DHT network. This resulted in mentions getting lost as network topology changes (eg. the increased interest we have seen in last few days added a lot of new nodes). By refreshing this DHT resource, it is expected that mentions should get more reliable (at least for 2 weeks since they are posted). The exact tuning of some expiration parameters is still subject for future research.

Note: twisterd version is now 0.9.5.

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