More bugfixes – please update

New bugfixes are available in github for twister-core, please update your client.

I’d like to apologize for this extra trouble, i’ve found some problems in blockchain validation rules that caused clients to reach different number of blocks (some of them completely stuck). The latest changes are important to fix this, so the faster people update their clients the best for everybody.

Not to mention that the amount of computing power in twister network has seen quite some variation in the last few days (since the attack). Maybe we will need to add a “mining rig” ourselves to stabilize the network, so that a single player entering/leaving the net shouldn’t be able to make such a big change in block generation times.

Let’s see if we can have a more stable twister network over the next few days.

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One comment on “More bugfixes – please update
  1. Hoffmann says:

    Would be cool if you’d post the CommitID so I know how behind (or even if) I am.

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