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VirtualBox/gitian image to compile native windows twister client

A pre-configured VirtualBox Gitian image based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x86_64 + gitian + twister sources is now available for download (3.2 GB file): ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download from Mega) ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download from My Air Bridge) ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download from Dropbox) ubuntu_12.04_amd64_gitian_twister.ova (download

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twister-core 0.9.22: Tor support available

We have just reached an important milestone: twister is now compatible with Tor! As some people may be aware, the blocking issue from Tor compatibility was the DHT part. Because our DHT requires UDP and Tor doesn’t support it

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