twister: the development of a peer-to-peer microblogging platform (PREPRINT)

twister: the development of a peer-to-peer microblogging platform (PREPRINT)

pre-print version of reworked white paper detailing twister’s design decisions (click on the above link to see the PDF).

comments are welcomed!

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7 comments on “twister: the development of a peer-to-peer microblogging platform (PREPRINT)
  1. page 4: statusnet is now continued under GNU social (1), the platform identica was using this statusnet software for several years, but switched later on to the software; (1)

  2. page 3: stardard should be standard

    page 5: about “So, conceptually, twister and these federated plataforms are very different things.” <- when I run my twister as a "public server" and offer friends an account, how is the situation then?

    • mfreitas says:

      I think you may try any arrangement like that to blur things from an user’s perspective. For example: if i run a bittorrent client in a server, offering access to it’s GUI through a browser, does it turns bittorrent into a non peer-to-peer thing?

      Besides, afaik federated networks like gnusocial where never thought to be run as servers in a mobile phone, for example.

      So i still think they are very different conceptually, which should be quite obvious when comparing how the protocols are implemented and their threat models.

      No? Let me know if you still disagree, that’s an interesting point.

  3. typos:
    page 5:
    “address several” <- "addresses several";
    writting <- writing;
    page 7:
    becames <- becomes;
    section 8.7: certains <- certain;
    page 12: excelent <- excellent

    "tens of thousands of registered usernames": you know also that those are by squatters :-(

    • mfreitas says:

      good point. perhaps i should add a footnote about squatters and the latest data map by @toyg. not sure which number to quote though.

      • well, it depends what you want to show with it. E.g. when we want to (stress) test twitter, we / one of us could just create 100 mio accounts. For activity: well, you have to decide… when its low activity, perhaps not mentioning?

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