Developer’s mailing list

The official place for technical discussions about twister is the twister-dev mailing list. Non-gmail users may join by sending email to

Wiki of third-party twister tools:

Issue tracker

Issue tracker is provided by github. There are trackers for twister core and HTML user interface.


twister white paper (hosted at

Protocol signatures and ports

Bitcoin and libtorrent protocol signatures have been changed on purpose to make twister network incompatible. This avoids the so called “merge bug”.

The changes are:

  • Bitcoin signature changed from “f9 be b4 d9″ to “f0 da bb d2″.
  • Bitcoin port changed from 8333 to 28333.
  • BitTorrent signature changed from “BitTorrent protocol” to “twister protocollll”.
  • BitTorrent/DHT query changed from “y” to “z”
  • BitTorrent/DHT answer changed from “a” to “x”
  • BitTorrent/DHT port is registration network’s port +1000 = 29333

User posts

User posts are bencoded structures with the following fields:

"userpost" :
  "n" : username,
  "k" : seq number,
  "msg" : message,
  "time" : unix utc,
  "height" : best height at user (number of blocks),
  "lastk" : seq number of previous public post -opt,
  "dm" : encrypted message (dm) -opt,
  "rt" : original userpost - opt,
  "sig_rt" : sig of rt - opt,
  "reply" : - opt,
    "n" : reference username,
    "k" : reference k,
"sig_userpost" : signature of bencoded "userpost" by user "n"

DHT protocol

See DHT Protocol page.

DHT resources

See DHT resources page.

JSON command reference

See JSON command reference page.

Scripting example

See Scripting example page.

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