There are several means of helping the twister project.

  • twister users
    This might sound dummy, but just by running twister you will help a lot. The P2P architecture of twister network works better when users leave the twister daemon running for longer periods. Stable nodes of the network are preferred in DHT routing tables and help stabilizing the network.
    Additionally, generating blocks (a process similar to Bitcoin’s mining – see FAQ), increases the security of the network as a whole to ensure that usernames are kept safe (not forged/replaced).
  • Proofreaders, documentation writers and webdesigners 
    I’m a not a native english speaker and I do commit a lot of errors. Sending text fixes and volunteering to help with the twister web page maintenance in general would be highly appreciated.
  • Developers (in general)
    I’ve a full time job and there is zero chance I would be able to maintain this project alone. Hopefully some good developers might like to join in. Developers of either bitcoin or libtorrent are welcomed and will be granted immediate write-access to the repository (a small retribution for bastardizing their codebases).
  • C++ Developers
    Bitcoin and libtorrent are both written in C++ using Boost template library. Good use of STL and Boost help maintaining the quality of the code, so hacking twister is hacking a simple (almost prototyped) codebase relying upon two well-written softwares. A pleasure.
  • Web/Javascript Developers
    The author never programed in JS before and would be more than happy to find developers willing to improve the current user interface prototype in HTML+JQuery. User interface is definitely not my personal focus.
  • Android Developers (to port existing clients)
    twister uses Bitcoin’s JSON RPC server so a new user interface can be easily integrated. Developers of existing free software microblogging clients might be interested in porting their apps. A good starting point is checking the command list of RPC and then the Javascript client implementation for additional tricks.
  • DNS seeder maintainer
    DNS seeder is a special twister client which crawlers the network collecting IP addresses from stable peers. This list is made available through standard DNS protocol. If you have a fixed IP address you can help twister by hosting a DNS seeder on your machine, thus helping other people to find peers during initial bootstrap.
  • Gateway app to existing microblogging? New ideas?
    Possibilities are limitless. The code is open.
25 comments on “Contribute
  1. Marcel Olszewski says:

    Hey man, I’m interested in working on this project strictly as a front end developer / designer. This project has huge potential and it would be really cool to see it exist on multiple platforms and touch more users to really gain traction. Is there an opening?

    • Amir Taaki says:

      Join the Freenode IRC #darkwallet, and mailing list. Start contributing patches and improvements. Porting to platforms .etc

  2. cris says:

    I’d be happy to help with copywriting, editing, and proofreading. I am also a graphic designer and would be happy to assist however I can.

  3. Amer says:

    My background is basically Web Development, front end and back end. I would love to contribute on all levels if possible, even if it is just to correct some spelling ;)

  4. bluemeanie says:

    very cool stuff!!!!

  5. kadeem Dulice says:

    i just wanna be apart of this :) ..

  6. Kasper says:

    I’ll be happy to set up a wiki and actively maintain it!

  7. I can help with HTML, JQuery and UI design. lets get a nice flat modern responsive feel going
    Some of my work

  8. michael nittmann says:

    so where’s the bug tracker?
    is there any yet?
    anyone working on it? I am asking as not to duplicate someone’s effort.
    I can start one if you like. That blog s…t has to stop, it is unmanageable


  9. Velho, to contigo.
    Se vc precisar de hosting na europa(UK)da um toque.
    Eu tambem posso colocar um pouco de design e front end development na jogada.
    Nao e muito mas e de coracao.

  10. Senhor, seu projeto é muito importante para você não se dedicar em tempo integral nele.

    Sugiro que você coloque um endereço de bitcoin para receber doações de todas as pessoas que estão interessadas no projeto.

    Eu irei divulgar o seu projeto para vários programadores que estão inscritos no meu canal de youtube. Vamos ver se aparece alguém interessado e com tempo disponível para lhe ajudar.

  11. Rick Bragg says:

    I’ll do what I can on this as well.

  12. mIHA says:


    we’re a team of researchers based in Slovenia. Among other things, we’re doing social media analytics. Looking at Twister with great anticipation :-) We’re dev mostly for MS/Win, so we’ll try to contribute in that direction if time permits. We’ll also host a couple of daemons and seeders on our infrastructure.


  13. mIHA says:

    I have just compiled and successfully started twisterd with Visual Studio 2010. My masochistic urges are statisfied for the next 100 years or so. But the thing works (for now) and I think I could write instructions on how to do it. I can also contribute binaries (obviously) that are not based on Cygwin and I have a git repo that I worked with.

    But my question is: would this be interesting for the community? If so, where should I put all this stuff?


  14. Snarkly says:

    I started a Twister account on twitter to help promote it. I can post stuff about Twister updates on the account and if there’s something you guys want me to tweet, just let me know.

  15. Snarkly says:

    If someone who speaks good English could make some step by step video tutorials on setting up Twister on Windows and Linux,I would post the videos on the Twister account. Some people are having problems setting Twister and video tutorials would help out a lot.

  16. Wade Baisden says:


    Hi Miguel and all of his helpers,

    Thank you for your great software idea and the Twister application, I think that this is a great idea.

    Now for my experience news, Twister uses 100% of cpu resources while waiting to register a new
    user in windows7, it behaves like a a run away process that is bleeding out all of the cpu’s resources. As soon as the ok button is presented and then clicked to accept a new user the cpu is released and drops by over 50% immediately after clicking the button.

    This also occurs when the block chain is being updated at any point in time. I know that you did not write this application for Windows (any version) but if you want to have millions of new adopters then it will not be acceptable for Twister to be a runaway process that consumes the entire cpu.

    I have just completed writing a new step by step installation guide that I would like to sell for about $.99 it is for windows 7 users to help with their journey into testing Twister out to see if they like it.

    I am considering building a windows installer as well but this resource leak needs to be fixed before I
    can suggest Twister to new windows users.

    Additionally when Twister is running on windows 7 it uses close to 100% of the cpu resources when the block chain is being updated and it uses between 50-60% of the cpu when it is idle. When I shut down the daemon and the browser the cpu drops off to about 5-10% of its resources being used. I read that there was a resource leak before but it does appear that there still is a leak and that Twister is not managing its resource usage on various computer systems very well just yet.

    I hope that this message reaches an audience that is interested in knowing what is happening when this software is being put through its paces.

    Best Wishes to all of the developers and to Twister itself,

  17. Hsiao says:

    Can I contribute to translating it to other languages? Like Chinese, where Twister will be dearly needed!

  18. Hello !

    I would like first, as a radical crypto-anarchist hacker/engineer to really congratulate you for your work !

    It’s simply what we all needed to end the domination of the centralize empire social control tool twitter !

    Not only they monitor every “interesting” (h)ac(k)tivists or target on twitter, they monitor everybody, and in real time.

    But they NSA & friends do luch more harmful things : With toyz like NSA QUANTUM program, they are able to fake the original twitter website, make a kind of tricke copy they can use to infect live with persistant malwares any computer using TOR or any other anonymity solutions exploiting the web browsers vulnerabilities with HTML pages containing malicious, thise malware allowing further easy breaking of anonymity very easily.

    But the do much more evil : Twitter has implemented some functionnalities old SYSOP like me used to experiment 20 years ago on our BBS servers (And in my case, my Minitel Servers) to fight the trolls : We had some special SYSOP command to “Isolate” some nasty uses from others, putting them in a kind of fully isolated digital jail from the other users, and without the trolls to even realize it : They though they were chatting/trolling to everybody because still able to communicating normaly with their troll friends, but we silently blocked them from communicating with other users : Either their posts were automaticaly censured to other users (But the trolls didn’t see it because they were still visible to them and their friends). We also added a functionnality so that the SYSOP could take selectively, on a per message/post base, to the troll in the name of other users, but of course, only the trolls could see these fake messages.

    We did program this 20 years ago, we experimented the concepts, we played with it. And let me tell you, with such SYSOP tools, it was easy to manipulate anybody on my BBS if wanted, to censure anybody, to indeed control my little BBS miniature world like a dictator if I wanted.

    With such tools, on a centralized world class social server like twitter, these kind of secret functionnalities that twitter HAS implemented (I can testity, they have been playing with me with these tools, particularily because I am a radical crypto-anarchist hacker that wanted to forward a few infos to Julian Assange personnaly. It has been a nightmare until I realized they were playing with me) and it allows twitter/the empire to isolate radical activists from the sheeple, to play divide and conqueer tactics to instrumentalize and control any (h)ac(k)tivist scene, NGO, Free Press journalists, even politics, on twitter.

    Don’t be fooled, with such powers due to the centralized architecture of a social tool of the importance of twitter billions of people use daily, the empire can manipulate the world. And be assured they developped tones of secret, hidden and invisible functionnalities like the ones I described earlier.

    All this to say a big thank you to the twister team and its main developper for doing this super work. We really fucking needed such fully crypto-anarchist, 100% decentralized, secure, non-censurable, non-trickable with hidden SYSOP commands, twitter clone !

    I would like to offer you my skills of a talented & experienced hacker/coder by porting twister on Mac OS and iOS in an easy to install package. I really master Mac OS and iOS and it will realky be a pleasure to give you a hand contributing this way.

    But also to develop, in a second time, a stuning dedicated native app client for twister daemon developped with QT: It could compiled/portes for many plateforms very easily. I think many users will love having a dedicated native app with a stunning user interface through a well integrated app on Mac OS environment, still letting free them free to access twister local demon embedded HTTP server in HTTP/HTML with their browser.

    I’m looking forward to hearing & contributing,

    Kind regards,

    From France.

  19. mikevinmike says:

    Hi Miguel,

    I am wondering if you have any plans or ideas to develop a version of twister which does not need any installing and works completely client-side in the browser (even more portable than the suggested Chrome app).

    I really like the idea of an independent communication network and would be happy if I could contribute. I am working as front-end developer, last year I wrote a bachelor thesis about decentralised social networks and now I am looking for a topic for my master thesis (which I want to be web specific). What do you think about a client-side browser solution of twister core? The outcome would be a prototype at best, which focuses on feasibility, not on performance. I do not know yet if it is possible to connect to a BitTorrent network using browser technologies, probably the prototype would implement WebTorrent which would signify no interaction with current twister nodes.

    Please tell me what you think about this.


    • mfreitas says:

      Of course, a browser based solution is interesting. But i’m really not up to the job. If anybody wants to implement it, go ahead!

      However, strictly thinking in terms of popularization of twister technology, i think good mobile (android/ios) versions are higher priority than browser-only twister.

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