twister idea came to me circa June/2013. In July I started coding the prototype by forking from the Bitcoin repository. Some weeks later I finished my research of free software candidates for DHT and Bittorrent by choosing libtorrent-rasterbar. Both projects are excellent in terms of software design quality, although not the easiest learning curve around. With the core implemented and working from command line in October, Lucas Leal was hired to create the HTML+CSS user interface design while I wrote the JS part. This is pretty much twister’s short history, the rest is in the docs.

Ok, but… Who are you?

I’m a research engineer at PUC-Rio University. I have Master in Telecommunications and Doctorship in Applied Electromagnetism. Previously (until 2007) I was one of the lead developers of xine, the multimedia playing engine for Linux. I live in one of the best cities of the free world: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have a full time job so you might want to know that twister is a hobby. I climb. I hack.

Miguel Freitas
@mfreitas @twister
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28 comments on “About
  1. vecna says:

    That’s the coolest bio ever :)

  2. jaromil says:

    Just reading the premises, this project rocks. I’m setting up a node at home.

    • Amir Taaki says:

      Agreed. There’s huge potential for this project.

      I’m on #twister on Freenode IRC if anyone wants to join me.

  3. urukrain says:

    Great work Miguel. I started a subreddit for twister. http://www.reddit.com/r/twister

  4. Youfan says:

    This is interesting. Gotta look forward about Twister.

  5. Bill Barhydt says:

    Miguel, Absolutely brilliant concept. Very well done. Can’t wait to try it.

    Hopefully the community can create clean install packages in short order.


  6. Pablo says:

    Installed it on my virtual machine and everything working smoothly. Very nice concept that looks and works nice since very beginning – that’s GREAT!
    Admin – please make a simple forum for supporters, coders, front-end designers, users – we need to discuss how to make it better and boost the marketing – make it viral :)

  7. David says:

    This is very exciting–I’m going to see what I can do to create an Android client and port to Windows in .NET.

    Sounds like a community could build around this pretty quickly.

  8. Dean Jenkins says:

    Great idea and cool ‘about’ page.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks very much dude for your valuable time spend on real work.

  10. Trevor Ray says:

    I’m extremely anxious to see this take the microblogging world by storm.

  11. Shannon Geis says:

    Soooo cool! It makes me really happy to know people are out there building safeguards for democracy!

    • Brady says:

      Democracy purely on its own, is a system in which the majority can vote away the rights of the minority. A blockchain based means of implimenting censorship resistence is not an example of such, but is more reminisient of safeguards provided by individual rights as something that no one should be able to vote away. The issue here is individual freedom of speech and free autonomy, not collectivisation.

  12. Dan says:

    Love it. Will be trying to build in Ubuntu tonight. Hope I can help in some way.

  13. Shares More says:

    Long live the distributed solutions for a new fair political representative system! :) And cheers to you!

  14. CZ says:

    very cool. Keep up the good work!

  15. Paolo says:

    I liked your “one of the best cities of the free world: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”
    I live in São Paulo and despite all the (mostly untrue or overrated) bad press I agree with you: Brazil and Rio (and São Paulo :-) are some of the best places in the FREE world!

  16. Marcel says:

    Miguel, essa ideia é muito boa. Sucesso para o projeto. Fiquei sabendo dele esta semana quando entrou no “ports collection” do FreeBSD ( http://www.freshports.org/net-p2p/twister/ ) – acho isso mais um bom sinal.
    Bacharel em Sistemas de Informação *PUC/PR* ;D

  17. ASmith says:

    Hi Miguel,

    We have thousands of decentralized networked users on Retroshare which I feel would love to have a Retroshare Twister Plugin that would further expand their comments thru other decentralized, secure networks.

    We have a short wiki on Retroshare plugins, sample and blank plugins which interface with the C++,QT Retroshare source coding if you are interested.

    Thank you for your interest, efforts and consideration,

  18. Elfhelm says:

    Hi, I was hoping that there is someone out there working on a touch version for Ubuntu touch when it comes out in 2015, as the De Facto messaging system like “whatsapp” or “Viber” dedicated to Ubuntu users. This will be a tremendous launchpad for Twister and linux smartphones in general, I would instantly drop Android and Windows chat systems for this and I know more people would do the same.

  19. BroBro says:

    This looks cool! Decentralization = freedom on the Internet
    (Please add an option to minimize Twister to system tray) :)

  20. There is no contact e-mail address, so I leave this comment here.

    When trying HTTPS, your website doesn’t load and makes my GNU IceCat browser to throw this error: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long.

    Can you please check this?


  21. bluestarstorm says:

    Why dont you set up a nonprofit foundation for Twister and start developing and promoting it like diaspora? Its very important you know. it can bring great change.

  22. Geremia says:

    Gotta get Twister on board with WebRTC. ☺

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