Upcoming new features: group chat and favorites

After another great climbing vacation (with two new summits climbed for the first time ;-) ) I’d like to post a quick update on latest twister developments…

Users following our github repositories commits may have noticed that two cool new features have been added to twister-core but are still lacking UI support (twister-html), these are:

  • Group chat: allows users to invite a party for a private group chat. All group chat messages are encrypted and only invited members are able to read them. Any current member may invite another user to join the chat (there is no “exclude” user feature, the alternative is to create a new group without people you want to exclude).
  • Favorites: users can mark some posts as “favorites”, either private (like a personal bookmark only you can see) or public (so everybody will know that you favorited that post). Many thanks to @erkanyuksel for this!

So what this mean, in practice? This means that these two new and experimental features are already available for the brave who want to play with twisterd command line interface. There is no time frame for these to appear in twister-html. In fact, I may attest that we currently have much more experienced Javascript contributors to twister-html than me. I’m not personally working on UI for any of that.

In case of group chat, it is an almost “invite only” feature so far. The thing is that if one invites you from the command line interface, you will then be able to join the group chat using standard twister-html DM screens…

Stay tuned!

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4 comments on “Upcoming new features: group chat and favorites
  1. tasty says:

    ola Miguel! I like your word about time frame because currently I’m in process of refactoring of interface_common.js and all related things. no time to explain, wait a bit for pull requests.

  2. Xinovo says:

    You guys rock! I hope one day twister gets more use than twitter.

  3. 14 says:

    All the best in the development process! Great project! :)

  4. jordila says:

    Twitter is the past.

    Twister is the future.

    Thanks for, Twister community

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